Monday, December 21, 2009

You never know a good thing till it’s gone, BE GRATEFUL!

Not everything we wished for in this world could always be granted, but every time when we wished for something, we must always be grateful for whatever we get. Because, you never know a good thing until it’s gone.

Even though our wish couldn't be granted, we must always remember, there's always someone who isn't as much as lucky as we are now....

There are a lot of peoples that wishes that at least they could be like us. We know there are a lot of poor people who wished that they could be given a better life, could be given a much better place to live, a much better education for them. We know there is lot of rich people who wishes that they are just a normal people. We know a lot of wealthy people with disability, wishing to do everything they could to be a complete person...

Remembering that every times our wishes couldn't be granted, there are much much more people wishes that hold a much greater level of importance. Somehow, you would be grateful; you are still in your current state...

I always grateful, even though I couldn’t ride a car or a motorcycle, I still can use a public transportation. I'm always grateful, even though I didn't given a chance to study at an outside countries, I still obtain a chance to study here, and it give me a much better education, and life lesson for myself.

I still grateful, even though I never been on a tour around the world, I've been to another province in Indonesia (do you ever think about the people that never even get out from that little dark places in the corners of the city?). I always grateful, even though currently I didn't have a lot of cash to be independent and not depends on my parents, I still given the minds, the spirits, the powers, the skills, friends and the peoples needed in order for me to be an independent girl.

That's why, every time you wished for something, try your best for it, and even though in the end you've failed, you could laugh as hard as you can, smile as wide as you can, be grateful with it, because you know THAT YOU'VE DONE THE BEST YOU COULD AND NO REGRET WILL COME UPON. There would always be a lesson learned in every event in your life....

Thomas Alva Edison always said “We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb” it means that there are a thousand ways that Thomas Alfa Edison must be pass-through to reach what he wished for. So, why are you still staying there and complaining? What's the point in complaining, except it'll always bring you down and bringing you further from your goals? I believe that, every lesson I learned from this life I live, making me harder, better, faster and stronger!

If I given a chance to be reborn, I wouldn't wish to be the child of Bill Gates, or some other Billionaires out there. I still believe I'm fine the way I am, I still believe that God have given me the best way to live my life.
Because If I’m not be the way I have to be or God have given me the other way to live my life, maybe... this note would never be exist.

I would never obtain a chance to study like now
I would never learned so much lessons in life
I would never learned that, failure in love making me stronger, making me love people more, tell me how you should cherish the people that loves you and you love more...
I would never have the skills I had now, to sing, to draw, managing peoples, friends
I would never think hard to do everything, If everything is too easy for me.

If everything I wanted could be granted in a flick of hand, maybe I would choose to be unborn...

For me, it's not the achievement I got that brings me the satisfaction, it's the fight for it that I love so much.

For a better tomorrow, for you and I


Vina Andhiani
(Inspired from some thread in kaskus)

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  1. Can't agree more. Great. We share the same vision.